Who am I?


Hi, I’m Kate and I am a Luso-Kiwi living in the UK. 

Being a literature graduate, I am passionate about writing and story-telling and started with a creative writing blog back in 2011. But that shifted into telling stories about my trips with friends and family in 2014 (the original Tracking Kate website) . 

2020 made me decide to reinvent myself  slightly (who didn’t go through a transformation in 2020!?) and adopt a more well-rounded approach to this space by also including information on sustainable living and fitness/wellbeing as I find all to be interconnected. 

I hope you leave here with some motivation and new ideas!

Countries Visited

Bucket List

I have such a long bucket list I don’t know where to start! But a few, in no particular order, are:

I was a 400m and 200m sprinter during my school years, and then found my love for weightlifting in 2014. 

I now mostly weight-lift, but am also a keen road cyclist and yogie. 

In my free time I also enjoy playing volleyball and ice-skating.

I grew up with parents who were very health conscious and also aware of environmental issues. Now that I am a bit older I am also extremely interested in doing my part for the environment. The main things I am currently working on are: Moving away from fast fashion; Shopping local; Making my home as green as sustainable as possible.